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Learn to architect for scale, get hands-on with the leading big data tools, and reveal meaningful insights from data using services on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Content added and updated weekly.

Data Hands-on Labs

Put your knowledge of all things data into practice with these hands-on labs. Here you can always find our most recently added labs based on databases, data manipulation, and data analytics. We are constantly updating our content so check back in regularly!

Recently Added

Stay up to date with the latest in data handling technologies with this selection of our most recent content. Just as the world of technology is constantly evolving, we continually update our content, so check back in regularly!

Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn the fundamentals of data science, data modeling, and machine learning with this selection of learning paths. You'll learn how to extract meaningful information from data and how to apply machine learning techniques across the three major cloud vendors.

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