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Determine the right fit for your most in-demand tech roles

Imagine if you could validate the skill strengths of potential hires, so you can make the best possible hiring decision and have upskilling paths set when they start. Paths that would help them onboard, learn your unique toolsets, processes, and technology, and help predictably bring their tech skills to where you need them.


That’s what Cloud Academy and our pre-hire assessments do.

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Know the true tech skills of your candidates

For HR leaders

Hire the best fit, faster

Get instant access to validated skills data for your tech candidates. With a large library to select from, you can ensure that the tech skill exams and hands-on labs are hyper-relevant to each role within your organization.

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For tech leaders

Accelerate ramp time of new hires

Empower new hires to hit the ground running more quickly by getting them to contribute faster in areas where they’re strong, and helping them gain hands-on experience where they need to improve.

Assess your team for free

For business leaders

Maintain a tech skills database

Cloud Academy lets you build a skills database of your tech team, and then guide them where you need them to be with our relevant training, exams, and hands-on labs. Predictably upskill employees so they grow as your organization grows.

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