Google Cloud Platform Training Library

Specializing in the Google Cloud Platform is invaluable for enterprises that are looking to get certified and migrate their IT infrastructure. To aid the constant increase in demand, Cloud Academy is offering users unlimited access to a new generation of cloud training for enterprises and professionals alike. The Google Cloud Platform training library acts as the hub where members can find all the necessary training, from learning paths to courses and exams, to give developers and engineers the training to improve their skills in GCP.


Get Started with Google Cloud Platform

Training content to get you and your team started on the core principles of using Google Cloud Platform. The introductory courses allow you to learn the basics quickly and easily, starting with GCP fundamentals and moving on to machine learning, all in your own time.

Our Latest Google Cloud Platform Labs

Gain the hands-on experience that you need to succeed in using Google Cloud Platform with our GCP labs. Here you can find the most recent ones that will give you the real-time applied training you need to push yourself to the next level. If you wish to see all of our Google Cloud Platform labs, you can find them in the GCP Labs Library.

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