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Empower your teams with Skills Readiness to learn, practice, & master everything multi-cloud

Manage, visualize, and build all your Cloud,
Software Development, and Data skills in one enterprise platform.
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Skills Intelligence Platform
Stop dealing with e-learning that’s delivered in an unstructured, self-service way, resulting in low adoption.
Imagine a platform to visualize, map, and build all your tech skills — by team, region, ability, or any criteria you need.
Let your managers and their employees proactively manage their skills with our unique combination of advanced software and premium content.
Start with insights into your current team’s skills, plan their growth in a programmatic way, and close skill gaps with immersive training.
How our Skill Management platform works
Cloud Academy is designed for tech teams of all sizes and provides the best hands-on learning for Cloud, DevOps, Software Development, and more. Our platform allows customers to personalize everything they need in their paths, roles, and skills.
A predictable and measurable way to build tech skills
Retain your tech people and accelerate your roadmap
Bring your people into new tech roles
A predictable and measurable way to build tech skillsRetain your tech people and accelerate your roadmapBring your people into new tech roles
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Your organization is unique, we know it


Customize and combine your content and skills with ours

Our platform allows you to customize our library – creating your own courses, learning paths, exams, and everything related to your skills and job roles. You can build new ones from scratch or start from our library and combine your own content with ours.

Career progression with Job Role paths

Career growth for your employees is critical for a multitude of reasons — retention, morale, solving skill gaps, company growth — to name a few.
Foster career progression and focused learning for your employees with job role paths.

Know the true tech skills of your next hire

Hire the best fit – faster, and get them up to speed more quickly with a clear picture of where their skills stack up.
Pre-hire assessments give you instant insight to validated skills data for your tech candidates.
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Staying relevant in the tech world means staying current on what’s important today and what will be important tomorrow. That’s where our content comes in. We’re always developing and refreshing our content, hands-on labs, and certification paths across multiple cloud services and skills.
Start solving your tech skill gaps with Skills Readiness now
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