The Powerful Influence Of Mars

The position of Mars inside a birth chart determines an individual’s fundamental instincts, the characteristics she or he expresses naturally, without thinking. Mars represents energy, aggression, desire, competition and also the libido. Mars may be the masculine, assertive energy inside a person’s chart, whereas Venus represents feminine, passive energy. Inside a woman’s chart, Mars represents her picture of maleness or the kind of man she’s drawn to. Inside a man’s chart, Mars determines his look at maleness, in addition to how he expresses his masculine characteristics. Make use of the following help guide to determine your fundamental drive and discover which kind of man you’re drawn to in line with the keeping Mars inside your chart.


Mars rules Aries, therefore the planet is within its domain within this sign. The options of Mars are specifically strong within this sign and therefore are expressed easily not to mention. The one who has Mars in Aries is direct and firm. They’re very competitive and loves the task associated with the chase inside a romance. These folks possess passion and drive and also have strong personalities. The Mars in Aries individual is vulnerable to outbursts and it has a fast temper, however, they’re also quick to forgive and end up forgetting. They loves excitement and may also be quite exciting. Even though the Mars in Aries individual is efficient at getting things began because of a good amount of enthusiasm and drive, she or he usually lacks the opportunity to follow-through or complete projects.

The lady that has Mars in Aries is drawn to macho, masculine men. She would like a guy who’s strong and aggressive and it is switched off by men that appear weak or timid.

The feminine that has Mars in Aries expects her man to possess enough self-assurance to positively pursue her, even if she plays challenging (quite usual for the Mars in Aries female). This lady is impetuous and simply infatuated as well as doesn’t mind going after the item of her desire, if required. Harmful men or men in uniform could be particularly attractive to this feminine.


The Mars in Taurus person is persistent and deliberate. The one who has Mars in Taurus is usually easy-going and slow to anger. However, be careful if this person finally does lose their temper the Mars in Taurus person’s display of outrage can be very impressive and unpredicted. This individual is commonly much slower and much more systematic than other Mars signs, however, she or he always seems to finish what’s began. What this individual lacks in energy and vigor, she or he comprises for in endurance and determination.

The Mars in Taurus female prefers the strong, silent type. Her ideal man includes a strong libido and sexual stamina. The kind of man who attracts her is powerful-willed and “all man,” in addition to sensual and stable. This lady is drawn to men that are demonstrative and affectionate. Financial security can also be vital that you her and she or he may select a partner who are able to offer her as opposed to a partner she’s madly deeply in love with who lacks the fabric lack of ability to support her.


Mars in Gemini is flexible and adaptable. Your brain and also the movements of the person are fast and there’s always a good amount of mental activity. The Mars in Gemini person expresses anger verbally and could be quite sarcastic and biting when she or he has been hurt. Flirtation and mental attraction are essential for this person when selecting someone to ensure that your body to become turned on your brain should be engaged.

The feminine that has Mars in Gemini is drawn to men that are intelligent and articulate. She would like a guy who’s charming and who seduces her with words and verbal foreplay. She’s more drawn to a guy who’s intriguing and stimulating, as opposed to a man who’s extremely attractive. Communication is essential towards the Mars in Gemini female along with a man who is a great listener along with a good talker will catch her interest. This feminine can also be apt to be seduced with a man who’s an even talker.


The Mars in Cancer individual is indirect and could be passive aggressive. Mars in Cancer people have a inclination to have to wait their feelings after which explode suddenly. This individual is very vulnerable and it is quite protective of themself or herself. She or he is commonly sensitive and shy, in addition to insecure and could retreat in the first manifestation of rejection. Because of this, the Mars in Cancer individual is unlikely to help make the first move toward the item of their desire and would rather be went after.

The person who attracts the Mars in Cancer female is security-conscious, thoughtful and understanding. Sensitivity is much more vital that you this feminine than appeal and she or he is attracted to men that are caring and family-oriented. The feminine that has Mars in Cancer is drawn to father-figure types or perhaps a man who’s mature and protective. First and foremost, this feminine needs stability and commitment before opening up to and including partner.


Mars in Leo is dynamic and charismatic. This individual could be manipulative and arrogant at occasions, however, they’re so warm and charming this behavior is generally overlooked. The Mars in Leo individual is dramatic and exciting in most cases attracts the item of their desire effortlessly. This individual really wants to be worshiped and admired through the partner and won’t tolerate someone who’s undemonstrative or aloof. The Mars in Leo individual could be quick to anger, however, they’re also quick to forgive. A separate, exuberant partner is especially attractive to this individual.

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