What Is a Skin Lump? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

The word “skin lump” might be vague – and also the symptom can originate from many, varied causes – but by decoding the way it feels and appears, you will gain some clearness about what’s happening. “When patients complain about protuberances, it always describes something onto the skin that feels elevated or something like that underneath the skin that elevates it,” states Lucia Seminario-Vidal, MD, PhD, a board-certified skin doctor within the department of cutaneous oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. (A skin doctor wouldn’t refer to it as a “skin lump,” and would much more likely make use of a term like “elevated lesion,” she states.)

“Skin lumps” could be split into three different groups, states Dr. Seminario-Vidal:

Benign: Noncancerous and could require no treatment

Inflammatory or infectious: Requires treatment however is not existence-threatening

Malignant: They are cancerous and will need treatment within the short-term (as opposed to a wait-and-see approach)

Signs and Signs and symptoms of Skin Protuberances

Skin protuberances might have a variety of causes, that will impact the way they look or feel. However, listed here are some signs and signs and symptoms that comprise an epidermis bump, states Rebecca Hartman, MD, Miles per hour, a cutaneous oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. (Bear in mind that the single lump can’t possibly match all the descriptions about this wide-varying list):

A lump that feels soft, mushy, or squishy

A lump that feels mobile

A lump that’s fixed

A lump that’s firm

A lump that feels hard

A lump that’s red and inflamed

A lump that’s painful

A lump which has a central pore

A lump that appears well-defined underneath the skin

A lump which has an irregular contour

A lump that’s growing

Additionally, with respect to the cause, you can experience associated signs and symptoms towards the skin lump. For example, one manifestation of lymphoma, or cancer from the the lymphatic system, is enlarged lymph nodes inside your armpits, neck, or groin, together with fever and sweating, based on the Mayo Clinic.

Causes and Risks of Skin Protuberances

A “skin lump” is really a specific characteristic of a clinical condition, therefore the cause behind this will depend on just what the skin lump is.

Skin Tag

They are skin-colored growths at first glance your skin, per Harvard Health Publishing. (2) This bump continues to be worth mentioning here. These frequently come in regions of irritation or where skin rubs together, such as the neck or armpit, states Seminario-Vidal. They are benign. They’re more prevalent once you hit 40, and may happen to anybody but are more inclined to show up on those who are obese, have diabetes, and have a household history, based on information from StatPearls in August 2020. (3)


This is among the most typical reasons for an epidermis lump, states Dr. Hartman, and frequently appear evidently or back. “These are smooth and mobile, are oblong having a defined border, plus they aren’t entirely squishy, but they’re not firm and difficult either,” she explains. The dead giveaway of the cysts are a lump which has a central pore inside it. This occurs when skin doesn’t mature correctly and folds into itself, developing the pore. (That stated, not every cysts have a visible pore, she states.)


They are skin growths that come from the papillomavirus, highlights Johns Hopkins Medicine. (4) There are various kinds of warts, and therefore are frequently found on hands and ft.

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